Out of The Can Plus

LGBTQ+ Youth Group in Swindon 

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Welcome to our page

Hello, welcome you have just made your first step in discovering yourself.  Remember, you are never alone and there are always friends and people to support you whether you are confused about your sexuality/gender identity or just need to make like minded friends.   We meet weekly in Swindon, Wiltshire; between 5:30pm and 7:30pm.

The group is free to attend, check out our About us page which details some of things we do.

Contact us by email at or click on our Contact us page if you're interested in joining or would like further information about the group. 

 We are currently in the process of developing the Website, so bear with us.

Thanks, OOTC Team


Vote for us - Aviva Community Fund

On the 23rd October at 9am, voting starts for our Pop-up Cafe project. Everyone one of you gets 10 votes and the more votes we get means than OOTC+ Pop-up Cafe Project, could reach the final and potentially achieve funding through Aviva Community Fund. Please help us to make LGBTQ+ young people matter and give them the opportunity to reach out.

Please click on the link below and vote for us ! this project will allow us to reach out further into Wiltshire, where LGBTQ+ young people are isolated.

Aviva Community Fund - OOTC+ Pop-up Cafe

Also, can you share this link on your Social Media pages, so it helps us to reach a wider audience.