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LGBTQ+ Youth Group in Swindon 

It's good to be back

 Like everyone, we had to close our doors in March 2020.  But we reopened our Swindon sessions in August 2021 and have steadily been growing our membership since then.  
We've packed lots of activities into the last nine months starting with the Youth Safe Space we ran at Swindon & Wiltshire Pride last August.  
We welcomed the return of our annual Halloween party in October, and we held our first ever Queer Prom in December (organised by the Young People).
We've done some fun science experiments, created our own Keith Haring inspired artwork, and produced Zines about LGBTQ+ identities.
We also learnt about LGBTQ+ history, and celebrated several awareness days.  Plus recently we setup our very own Queer Library thanks to a generous donation of 52 books from WH Smith.
At the end of March, two of our leaders, Jo and Mark, were invited to join the LGBTQ+ lunchtime clubs at Lawn Manor Academy.  It was great to see so many young people accessing this safe space within the school environment.  The club is attended by those identifying as LGBTQ+ as well as allies.
We showed them our short film 'Like a Person' (check out the link on our homepage), we shared a little bit of LGBTQ+ history, and we filled two display boards with messages of support for Trans Day of Visibility.
We really enjoyed our visit and hope to see some of those we met at our Out of the Can sessions in the future.
As things continue to return to more normality we're looking forward to visiting more organisations and attending more events.  
And we'll aim to post blogs here more regularly to keep you up to date with what we get up to.

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