Out of The Can+

LGBTQ+ Youth Group in Swindon 

Who are we??? and what we do

We are a young person (kinda) led LGBTQ+ action youth group aged between 13 – 19 years old; there are a couple of leaders to keep us in check each week.  The group will give you the freedom to be yourself in a supportive environment and chilled out space.  

The group has been running in Swindon since 2004.

We do lots of awesome stuff and activities, like:

  • Debating (news stories / news from the LGBT community / social media);
  • Film & Pizza Nights;
  • Lazing about on the bean bags and chatting;
  • ​Play games (Uno is very competitive);
  • Table Tennis;
  • ​Make colourful displays and posters;
  • Arts and Craft projects
  • Go to events like Swindon & Wiltshire Pride, School PSHE Events, College Fresher Fairs and events where young people can find out about us.



The Leaders (aka The Golden Oldies)

OOTC+ has an array of Leaders, to keep the young rebels under control:

  • Joanna Roberts (Youth Worker)

  • Mark Deller (Volunteer Leader)

  • Jo Sharpe (Volunteer Leader)

  • Kirstie Maisey (Volunteer Leader)

  • Sarah Cosgriff (Volunteer Leader)

  • Hannah WK (Youth Engagement Worker)

We are supported by:

  • Swindon Borough Council

  • Wiltshire Police

Pictures and Bios will follow soon.

If you would like to become a Volunteer Leader, please send an expression of interest through our contact us page.